Neither coffee nor tea.

The new drink from the


Awakening the flavor of the Amazon in every sip, bringing the sustainable transformation of açaí seeds to your cup. A journey of authentic taste and environmental commitment.

Who We Are?

We are a bioeconomy startup that transforms açaí seeds into a functional beverage known as açaí coffee. Our purpose is to promote circularity in the açaí production chain by utilizing the açaí seed, which represents 85% of the fruit and is typically wasted, causing serious environmental issues when improperly disposed of. We believe that harnessing 100% of food is crucial to reduce waste, optimize resources, and ensure food sustainability.

Where We Are?

We were born in the heart of the Amazon, on Ipanema Island, located in Afuá, Pará.

Since 1997, Antônio Ferreira (Nico) has been working with fresh açaí, but it was in 2021 that he envisioned a new business opportunity—the coffee made from açaí seeds. With his experience and knowledge of forest fruits, in partnership with his niece Rosilan Farias, they created the brand Raízes do Açaí, representing the connection between family, the island, and açaí.

"We saw great market potential for the beverage made from açaí seeds, which, in addition to its nutritional properties, carries invaluable economic and social value."

The Product

Açaí coffee is a tasty alternative for those who want to reduce or avoid caffeine consumption. Its nutritional properties promote better digestive health and also help reduce cholesterol and control blood sugar levels, making it a healthy choice for those looking to maintain a balanced diet. Combining the unique flavor of the açaí grain with nutritional benefits, the new drink from the Amazon is a versatile option for a healthy diet that meets the needs of a conscious lifestyle.


  • Caffeine-Free

  • Gluten-Free

  • Organic

  • Rich in Fiber

  • Rich in Polyphenols and Antioxidants

  • Sustainable

The Impact


The production of açaí coffee continues the açaí chain within the context of circularity, generating economic value from a material that was previously considered waste.


It positively impacts the people of traditional communities who inhabit around Ipanema Island, mostly riverine women who use the sale of açaí seeds as an additional source of income for their families.


We offer an environmental solution through the repurposing of açaí seeds. Tons of açaí seeds that would otherwise end up in rivers and streets are transformed into food. One of our main pillars is also the conservation of native forest, with more than 6,000 hectares of standing forest.

Production Process

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Açaí coffee is an excellent solution for individuals seeking a caffeine-free, healthier, natural, and sustainable beverage option. Add this innovation to the portfolio of your natural products store!!!

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